Common elderly bathroom safety accessories

Unfortunately, the bathroom can be a scary and dangerous place for senior citizens. For most people, a trip to the bathroom is fast and simple, but for seniors it can be a possibly hazardous experience that puts them in danger. While it is important for younger people to help care and support senior citizens, it is also important to give senior citizens the opportunity to be independent and hsve their own privacy. Here are 7 different products that’ll help reduce and prevent accidents and injures for senior citizens. Safebathroomhub has reviews of the best bathroom accessories out there.

1. Medline toilet safety frame with arms

This is an especially good product for people who can’t keep themselves steady while using the toilet. A toilet safety fame with arms gives seniors a guidance, and support while using the toilet. Some of these models are flexible, and can accommodate a variety of different toilet heights. The process of installing this on a toilet is fairly simple, and there’s no tools involved.

2. The Stander floor to ceiling pole grab bar

Sometimes you can’t install a grab bar where you need one, or you might not want a permanent one in the bathroom. A great solution is to use a floor to ceiling pole grab bar. These can be easily installed anywhere with no tools necessary.

3. Tub Grip Clear anti-slip bathtub coating

We all trip and fall every now and then, but it is much more fatal and life-threatening for senior citizens. A non-slip and clear treatment for bathtubs and shower floors can be a literal life-saver and reduce the risk of a fatal fall. It works a lot better than stick-on products that typically leave mildew-y everywhere or end up slippery. There’s a ton of helpful articles and videos available to show you how to use this product, and why it is truly beneficial to elderly people.

4. Duro-Med heavy-duty sliding transfer bench and shower chair

Most of our life is standing and walking around, but as we grow older, the joints in our legs start to lose elasticity, and standing becomes difficult. A sliding transfer bench makes it much easier for people to get into a traditional tub without effort. It is especially a great product for people who are frail, or generally have a hard time walking or standing. Popular shower chairs reviewed by this link.

5. The Stander floor to ceiling pole grab bar

While a grab bar is a beneficial product to have in the bathroom for both young and elderly people, not everyone wants a permanent grab bar in their bathroom, or they can’t install it where they want. A good solution for this is to use floor to celling grab bars. These are often fast to set up, and require no tools. This grab bar can prevent certain falls, and help the elderly person stand up and gain balance.

Which product do you think is best to have in an elderly person’s bathroom? Which product do you think is the least helpful? Tell us in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share us with others!

Common elderly bathroom safety accessories
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