Delta 18-900L 18-inch laser drill press reviewThe drill press received 3.9 starts out of five ones. This model is built to allow users to get through their projects fast and with ease. What customers love most about the product is its laser feature. There are some drawbacks to the drill that hurt the score. For example, customers think that they pay too much for what they get; moreover, some of them claim that the company lacks customer service.The machine is suitable for those doing some woodworking. With it, you will be able to do woodwork quickly and easily. Unlike handheld tools, this bench-top drill press offers exceptional power and accuracy. Even though the device comes at a slightly high price, it’s worth the money.The device is a number one choice for many professional woodworkers. Delta is a leading manufacturer of reliable pieces of equipment. Delta produces powerful tools, including drill presses. They offer high quality and easy-to-use products that are a perfect addition to any workshop.



Delta 18-900L 18″ Laser Drill Press Review


The device has many features that are crucial for many woodworkers:

The machine comes with a TwinLaser that is fully adjustable. It projects a crosshair on the workpiece where the machine is about to drill.

  • The manufacturer covers the product by a five-year warranty.
  • A selection of 16 speeds will allow you to work with most materials.
  • An auto-tensioning belt makes switching between speeds easier.
  • The 6″ quill stroke allows for making deep holes.
  • The unit has a ¾ HP motor.
  • For your convenience, there are T-slots and a center insert that can be removed.
  • The device features an LED work light.
  • There is a work table that can be tilted up to 90°.


It features a work light.

The machine has an LED light that lightens your work surface.

There is an adjustable work table.

The unit features a large work table that can be tilted up to 90° in both directions.

There is a laser system.

The unit features a laser that put a red crosshair on the piece in the place you are going to drill through. This feature is crucial for increasing the accuracy of the tool.

There is an auto-tensioning belt drive system.

The system allows for switching between speeds with ease, improving the efficiency of the unit.

It’s powerful.

With the selection of 16 speeds, the machine is power enough to drill through strong materials.



  • This drill press produces little noise.
  • The unit is exceptionally durable.
  • The work table is large and very comfortable to use.
  • The auto-tensioning belt drive system isn’t hard to use.
  • The device runs very smoothly.
  • There is an LED work light that lightens the work surface.
  • The machine comes with a laser for extra accuracy.
  • There is nothing complicated about assembling the machine especially if there are two of you.
  • The equipment doesn’t run out.
  • It’s easy to adjust a depth-stop.
  • The manual instructions are very easy to follow. If something goes wrong, read the manual carefully to solve the problem you face.
  • The quill driver meets most needs.
  • The work table can be tilted in both directions for extra versatility.
  • In fact, when switched on, the drill press produces little vibration.



  • The quill travel is tougher than it’s supposed to be.
  • The LED work light is not powerful enough.
  • The company lacks customer service.
  • The machine is available at the price that is slightly higher than many people can pay.
  • The chuck wobbles occasionally.
  • Before switching the machine on, you will have to file the parts.
  • Quality control isn’t effective.
  • Since the top part of the unit doesn’t look well-secured, you may want to move the device from its bottom.


Before setting up the unit, read the instructions provided in the booklet. You may want to seek help from another person. In the manual, you will find information on how to operate the piece of equipment correctly as well. It comes in handy when you face some problems when using the machine. In the instruction booklet, there are useful tips on how to maintain the machine to make it serve you for ages.


The Delta 18-900L comes at a pretty high price so that not many people can purchase it. Learn much information on the machine you are going to buy before making your purchase. Different customers have their preferences. Consider this when planning on buying a piece of equipment. Make sure that the product you buy comes with the desired features. Those looking for the tool that comes with extra features will find this offer to be very attractive.


Delta 18-900L 18″ Laser Drill Press
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Delta 18-900L 18″ Laser Drill Press
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