Almost every house owner has got a hand drill in his apartment. It helps a lot with various kinds of activities such as wood and metal works, drilling walls, etc. Every time you start remodeling your room or flat, you cannot do without a drilling instrument. The device is portable and lightweight, which makes it versatile and convenient to use. But there are cases in which the benefits mentioned earlier become the main disadvantages. As long as a steady and precise drilling is required, especially with the small objects, a hand drill usually fails. It has its limitations. You just cannot hold it firm enough in your hands to avoid shaking. A fixed unit would be much more welcome in this situation. It takes nearly no efforts to make a hole in a tiny piece of wood with a drill press. Also, the work is done faster with much higher success rate. Thus, the question arises: is there a way to transform your hand drill into a drill press?

The answer is yes, there is! You can do it quickly enough by using an adapter, which also costs less than a dedicated drill press (DP). Here are the four steps to convert the device correctly.

  • Remove the clamp

The clamp is the thing that holds your drill (HD) tightly. It will be replaced with the clamp of DP so take it away. Place your HD in the frame (the handle should face away from the DP stand position) and swap the clamp. Now tighten the clamp nuts firmly. Some of DP clamps are adjustable steel plates. They can push down the drill when compressing it. In any case, your drill will be secured and ready for continuous work.

  • Make sure to mount it

The advantage of a converted DP is that it’s going to be fixed on a board. However, you’ll have to escalate a DP stand to a work bench for an efficient work. You can use a piece of plywood ¾ inches in size if the work bench is not available for some reason. The only requirement is that it should be larger than the base of the stand.

  • Use the drill press with caution

To avoid any malfunctions, use your instrument only with the type of materials it can handle. Do not try to work with harder types of woods or make deeper holes in metal objects, it may result in a total breaking of your device.

  • Be safe!

We always recommend our customers wearing safety glasses during the use of an instrument. Some of the smallest objects can reach your eyes and hurt them. But with the protective glasses on troubles will never come.

These are some of the practical pieces of advice about how to make drilling press out of your hand drill. We hope they were helpful. Keep in mind our four steps and enjoy the work with your tool.

Convert a hand drill into drill press
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