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Rikon 30-100 drill press reviewA drill press provides more accurate and powerful drilling compared to a hand drill. You can do angled, or multiple holes that will have the same depth precisely; can make deep mortises or work with the hardwoods. A unit we view today can fulfill a whole variety of tasks. The Rikon 30-100 can work with either metals or woods and is a perfect decision for any workshop. Both professionals and the beginning users are amazed by the working capacity of the appliance. Let’s get a closer look at the machine.



Rikon 30-100 8-Inch Drill Press Review

The features

  • Durable base and powerful motor

Due to the solid steel construction the appliance shows excellent performance without any vibration. A 3.6 Amp motor provides a steady and powerful drilling.

  • 5-speed option

You can easily adjust the desired speed level that ranges from 620 to 3100 RPM. The change of belts on the pulleys can be done without any difficulties, so you can adjust your tool for any material in no time.

  • Worktable is adjustable for all types of clamps

You can move the worktable by pulling the crank handle on the column. It is made of mechanical cast plate and can be easily adjusted, allowing the usage of various clamps.

  • Precise depth and angular drilling

Tilting a worktable up to 45 degrees in both directions allows to perform an angled drilling with superior accuracy. The device is compatible with 4” vise that is perfect for setting the drill depth.


  • The quality of materials is similar to the large and more expensive units.
  • 3.6 Amp motor and 5-speed settings
  • Heavy duty iron construction
  • Accepts bits with larger diameters (designed for cutting)
  • User-friendly depth regulating feature
  • Large front paddle with on/off switch for extra safety
  • 5-year warranty


  • The table fits only a 4” vise
  • The fiction plate is thin, it bends easily and might come with a better latch
  • Hammering is required to install the chuck correctly

The Verdict

The model is a right choice for the majority of household owners. Just like all the other electric appliances, it requires some skills and knowledge during operation. The quality of the device is seen in its powerful motor and durable materials meant for heavy-duty use. Also, the long-term warranty and customer service provide the additional benefit. All in all, the product will become a reliable assistant in all kinds of wood and metal works.

Rikon 30-100 8-Inch Drill Press
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Rikon 30-100 8-Inch Drill Press
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