Shop Fox W1668 3/4 hp bench-top drill pressThe drill press received 3.5 out of 5 stars. The device has some features that make it a versatile piece of equipment. Customers love its features, especially sanding ones. They also like their customer service and are surprised at how easy this powerful device gets through most materials. The main drawback to the model is its packaging. Sometimes customers receive units in damaged boxes; moreover, some of them complain about some pieces being lost on their way. Another con to the machine is that it comes with no work light, which is crucial for many woodworkers.If you need a good drill press, be sure that the model is a great tool to have at your workshop. An affordably-priced device comes with different attachments that allow for both drilling and sanding. Choose this drill press over a handheld tool to increase your accuracy and efficiency.People know Shop Fox for their high-quality working machines. They focus on improving their products to ensure that their clients are entirely satisfied with what they get. Providing a two-year warranty for their products and an excellent customer support, they make their clients happy long after they make their purchase.



Shop Fox W1668 3/4-HP 13 Review


The machine has many features that users love, including:

  • A selection of 12 speeds that range from 250 to 3,050 RPM.
  • A ¾ HP/110-volt motor with 1,725 RPM.
  • A 3-piece sanding drum kit, mandrel, and 80-grit sandpaper.
  • There is a work table that can be tilted up to 45°.
  • A 13 ¼-inch swing.
  • A 5/8-inch drill chuck.

Moreover, the versatile machine allows customers to complete two tasks – drilling and sanding – what saves space and money at the last.



  • The unit is reasonably priced.
  • Unlike many other options, this product is an affordable choice. It’s a versatile tool for carpenters.
  • It doesn’t only drill but also sand, allowing for making projects quicker and easier.
  • Its work table adds to the versatility of the machine. It can be tilted up to 45°.
  • The device comes with a powerful motor that helps make tasks accurately and efficiently.
  • The machine has a work table that can be both tilted and moved.



If something goes wrong with the drill press, you can call customer service. In the manual, there is their contact information.

  • The device is durable and hardworking.
  • A sanding feature is a big plus.
  • The powerful motor allows for working with most materials.
  • Unlike many other options, this model is affordably-priced.
  • The device produces little noise.
  • It’s a well-built product.
  • It’s easy to switch between speeds.
  • There is nothing complicated about assembling machine because it comes with understandable instructions on how to fit up, operate, and maintain it.
  • The unit runs very smoothly.
  • The drill press allows for making deep drilling holes.


  • Since the oil isn’t properly sealed, it gets all over everything contained in the package.
  • It’s difficult to set up a chuck guard.
  • Some customers frown at the package being shipped in the box that is damaged.
  • The work table’s hard to tighten.
  • Positioning of the table is limited.
  • The device comes with no light.
  • The chuck wobbles occasionally.


The device comes with clear instructions that help assemble it with ease. Read the manual first, and then follow the instructions to be sure that you set up the equipment correctly. To make your tool serve you for ages, follow the instructions on how to maintain it. In the instruction booklet, you will also find tips on how to operate the device efficiently. Right on the cover of the manual, there are the contact details for the company for you to seek professional support if you face any problem. Their customer service tends to ensure customer satisfaction with their offerings.


If you need a reliable drill press but do not want to break the bank, then this option is right for you.  Moreover, this machine is a versatile piece of equipment that has two functions: drilling and sanding. Such a machine helps its users save not only space but also money because they don’t have to operate two machines to complete two different tasks. Before buying the drill press, have a look at many other reviews carefully to make a balanced decision. They give good insight on what the machine is like for you to understand what you get. You probably don’t like surprises, especially if they are bad ones. In fact, for the price you pay this unit is a good buy. Look through other reviews to learn more about other offerings as well.


Shop Fox W1668 3/4-HP 13″ Bench-Top Drill Press
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Shop Fox W1668 3/4-HP 13″ Bench-Top Drill Press
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