Types of wheelchairs

A wheelchair is defined as a wheeled mobility device in which a person sits and moves around in and are used by people who either have difficulty or find it impossible to walk due to illness, injury, or disability. Wheelchairs have been around for over a hundred years, and the fist patent came out in 1869 for a wheelchair that would be self-propelled with large wheels at the back. In 1933, Herbert Everest and Harry Jennings invented the first steel, lightweight, collapsible wheelchair. Today, wheelchairs can be manually powered or automated. There are many various styles of wheelchairs available today and listed below are a few and how they work. Best wheelchairs reviews on Wheelchairmag.

Transport Wheelchairs

These are the very basics of the wheelchairs on the market, and are made for an individual to be pushed in. These are common in hospitals and medical offices, and the average transport wheelchair can accommodate a person up to 300 pounds. There are heavy duty transport wheelchairs that can accommodate heavier people and are often referred to as bariatric wheelchairs. Transport wheelchairs reviewed here.

Standard Wheelchairs

Standard wheelchairs are equipped with large wheels on the back with push rims that allow them to be self propelled by any user who has use of their upper limbs. These chairs generally fold for easy storage while traveling.

Sport Wheelchairs

A person can get a wheelchair custom built and designed that would be suitable to participate in many types of sports such as basketball. These wheelchairs are built with maneuverable and fastness in mind.

Hemi Height Wheelchair

Some people can use their legs and feet to propel them self better in a wheelchair than by using their arms. In this case, a wheelchair with a lower seat is more desirable which is the case for the hemi height wheelchair.

Pediatric Wheelchairs

Children who need to use a wheelchair will need one with a smaller frame and narrower seat to allow them to propel it comfortably. They often come with adjustable push handles so they can be pushed at times by adults.

Electric And Automated Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs rely on a battery powered motor that can be recharged to move them, and the user does not need to use any physical strength to propel. Just like manual wheelchairs, automated wheelchairs come in many styles, and it will depend on the disability of the person using it to determine which one is right for them. These wheelchairs are often ideal for people who have very limited physical movement such as nerve and muscular illnesses, and paralysis.

Wheelchairs have certainly come a long way in design and function from when they were first invented.

Types of wheelchairs
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